This window appears when ever you click the New Record button on the Main window or when ever your active database is empty. This window is important because it is the only place that you can type in the EBAY NUMBER. It is required that you fill in the first six fields before you save or it will notlet you save. Moving the mouse over the Save button will highlight the fields than need to be filled.

The Fields section are the same.

The Save Record button also acts the same checking that required entries are filled before save to the active database.

The Done button is clicked when you have finished making your new entries. It is only activated when there is at least one record in the active database.

Nope the X on the title bar does not close this window. The Done Button is the only way to close this window. If you have moved all entried to the "old database" and are finish with your transAuction session, you can exit the program by clicking the X on the title bar of the Main window.