Main Window

The Buttons
The Fields

The main window is laid out in two sections; Left frame and Right frame. The Left frame holds a listbox that displays the records in the "active database" by the TITLE you have given it. Clicking on an entry in the listbox will display the records information in the Right frame.

The Right frame displays the record information and also allows you to update and add new information in to those fields displayed

We'll discribe one button at a time.

The Buttons

"New Record" opens a window that looks like the Right frame of the Main window. This is for adding new records.

"View Old Transactions" opens a simple window listing some information from the records in the "finish transactions/old database". This is uneditable information meant for referance if you need to find it later.

"Move to Old Transactions" is for moving finished records foom the "active database" to the "old database". Moving the mouse over this button will highlight any needed fields needed for the move. ALSO see: FEEDBACK

"Save Record" does just what it says. Saves any changes you have made to the record displayed in the Right frame of the Main window as long as all required fields are filled in. Moving the mouse over the Save button will highlight required fields if they are empty.

"Delete Record", also is self explainitory. Be careful with this one, once a record is deleted, you can't get it back.

"Reload" gets all records from the database. Be careful, if you haven't saved the current record all changes will be lost.

"PAYMENT AMOUNT" button is just a convience button for figuring the differnce between the 'END BID' and 'PAYMENT AMOUNT' if the winner leaves you to guess what type of shipping they paid for.

"Search Old Transactions" opens the search window

"About" opens the about window displaying version and license information

The Fields

"ARTIST" is a text field. This should be used for the artist or manufacture of the item. example: hallmark "1981 Rocking Horse" would use "hallmark" as the ARTIST

"TITLE" is a text field. This should be used for the semi-individualistic name of the item. example: beatles "HELP!"" would use "HELP!" as the TITLE.

"EBAY NUMBER" I hope this on is self explainitory. If you use other online auctions I'm sure you could substitute their identification number. NOTE: You can only enter the EBAY NUMBER from the "New Record" Window.

"LISTED" is for the date that you listed the item. NOTE: There are currently no formating for the date. It will let you type anything. example: 1/12/02

"START BID" This is for the starting bid. There is no formating for this one either. Typing in just the number is needed. example: 1.25

"ENDS" is the date the auction will end. No formating so type what you like. example: 1/12/02

"END BID" is for the winning bid, not including S/H. example: 1.25

"WINNER ID" is for the winner's ID on the online auction. example: PrinceFan3766554

"EMAIL" is for the winner's email address. example:

"ACKNOWLEDGE" is the date you recieved the happy little email stating that the winner has the money and wants to know where to send it. example: 1/12/02

"PAYMENT RECIEVED" the that date that you get your check, MO or whatever was agreed on. example: 1/12/02

"PAYMENT AMOUNT" this is the amount of the payment recieved. Like END BID above needs to be a number; 2.30 or 5.

"SHIPPING" is for the type of shipping used. UPS, Priority, 1st class, whatever.

"SENT" is for the date you sent the item to the winner. example: 1/12/02

"FEEDBACK" has two purposes. You can use it to note that you gave EBAY feedback on the winner with yes or GOOD or "THAT SLACKER SHOULDNOT HAVE BID IF HE DIDNOT HAVE THE MONEY". And in the worst case you can note that no one bid on the item.