NOTE FOR UPGRADERS: transaction upgrading is the same as above. If anything changes as far as the database goes install-TA.pyw will backup your db file to db.bkup, then copy the information to the new database. No worries :) And as of 0.2, setup.pyw has been renamed to install-TA.pyw

I tired to keep this as simple as I could.

You will need to have Python installed. You can find either at or at ActiveState. Download and follow their installation instructions.

Step 1

Make a directory and move there and unzip the file.

As of version 0.2 the zipfile will contain a directory containing the files, so that you no longer have to create a directory to unzip the contects to.

Step 2

run install-TA.pyw that is in the directory you unzip to. I suggest that you install to the default directory, but you may change it if you wish. Click "next" when you are happy with the installation directory. When you click the "finish" button you are finished installing.

That's it. You can then run transAuction.pyw from the installation directory.

As of version 0.2.1 install-TA can except two options. These are not nessisary to install but for l33t people that don't want to look at the graphical utility.

  • -nogui installs to the default location with out openning the GUI.
  • -dir [filename] is the same as above except it installs where you tell it to. Replace [filename] with the directory location you wish to install.