Current version is

Users of transAuction have surely noticed that there has been no development in the last few weeks. There are four reasons for this; Other paying projects have been sapping my time, I really don't like Tkinter, transAuction needs a better database, and I have recieved no feedback from users.

If there is interest in this project I can try to squeese some more time in to it (sleep is over rated), but some things will have to change. I no longer wish to deal with Tkinter. I don't like it, think its very limited and don't have the time, skill or desire to improve it. The cross-platform availablity was the only reason I played with it at all. I would like to know what widget set the users would like it to be rewritten with. I am leaning towards QT. I was hoping anygui was going to be further along so that I could use it, but... oh well.

The other change would be the database. backward compatability could be an issue, but the current db is intentionally simple so that a import utility should be as well

My biggest concern is that the 2.up releases have had a bug in the install-TA program and not one has told me. It's only during a windows install that it shows up; I don't use windows so I found it by chance. Are there any windows users? Did the windows users fix it themselves or just delete it? Anyway I am releasing 2.1.1 to fix this problem. And this will be the last Tkinter release.

I will be rewriting transAuction with qt and when it reaches the same feature set of 2.1, I will release it as 3.0-qt. This will add new dependances and a more difficult install. So if you are happy with TA as is don't use versions ending with "-qt". When I am happy with the new GUI, I will then work on the database in version 4.0-qt.

Being the license (LGPL) that I picked you are free to do what you want with the TKinter version. If you make changes that you would like to be in a future release, contact me and we will get it up.

So now that you are in the know of what I want to do with TA, I would like to know what the users think. If you have any comments (happy or not) please send to transauction-develop.